Fear to Fuel

Smash Your Fear Into Pieces

I know what it feels like to be called to do something, but too afraid to pull the trigger. After all, you might have a family to support, or a boss that needs you.

It could be that, like many people, you’re barely making enough to get by, let alone take a risk on doing something different.

Living your dreams is little kid talk right? Who has time to achieve when there are bills to be paid?

Overcome Your Mental Blocks

Just because you’re not afraid of sticking your neck out doesn’t mean that you aren’t afraid of something. Many entrepreneurs are not afraid of failure, but of success. Others are afraid that they’ll work for years on the wrong idea, and as a result jump from one business to the next.

Although fear serves to keep you safe, as in it keeps you from getting hit by a car when you walk down the street with a blindfold on, it also serves to keep you stationary, protected, and free from conflict.

Creative Entrepreneur

When you get nervous, you think about what could happen if everything goes wrong. You think in terms of worst possible outcome.

But what if you flipped the scenario and thought not of what could go wrong, but of what could go right?

That’s the hidden one…the fear that doesn’t just intimidate people, but terrifies them.

What would happen if everything you ever wanted would come true? What would happen if you had to embrace your own potential and share it with the world?

That’s scarier than missing a credit card payment…that’s you standing on a platform, alone, facing rejection.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

But what if I told you that doing what you’re doing, right now, being miserable doing something you don’t like, was keeping you from success?

What if I told you that you were going to fail anyway?

How many people do you know that are making it right now, and how many that you know are barely making it?

I’ve watched dozens of people get laid off, downsized, reduced, cut back, and short changed, whether they liked their job or not.

In this economy, miserable people seem to be getting the brunt of the exchange…see a trend here?

There’s a chance, that no matter how well you try to keep your job, being miserable, that you could lose it all anyway, so let me ask you, would you rather plan for it or never see it coming?
Creative Entrepreneur

Claim Your Freedom

Just imagine what it would feel like to wake up in the morning knowing that you’re going to spend the day doing something that you love?

Imagine what it would feel like to finally be able to say that you were doing what you were meant to be doing…incredible right?

It doesn’t matter if you want to be a painter, a musician, a blogger, an author, a public speaker, or anything else…you can do it…you must.

Learn from 14 Creative Masters:

It’s great to think about success, but if you’ve never reached it, then it’s tough to figure out where to start.

Some will tell you that just starting is enough. Others will tell you that you have to follow a blueprint for success. Having talked with dozens of entrepreneurs over the past 2 years, we knew that wasn’t the case, so here’s what we decided to do:

We’ve brought in 14 creative entrepreneurs, many of whom you’ve seen on TV or in print, to teach you how they overcame their fears and built a business doing what they love.

Tony Hsieh (CEO Zappos) Gretchen Rubin (Happiness Project)
Hugh MacLeod (Gaping Void) David Billings (Sparky Firepants)
Susan Baker (the Escape Hatcher) Naomi Niles (Intuitive Design)
John T Unger (Artist & Designer) Mark Silver (Heart of Business)
Charlie Gilkey (Productive Flourishing) Glen Stansberry (LifeDev)
Johnny B Truant (The Guy with the Apple) Adam Baker (Man vs Debt)
Robert Bruce (Knife Gun Pen) Sarah J Bray (Designer)

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They answered the tough questions:

  • How to get started when you’re scared to death
  • How to get past the fear of failure
  • Why plan B doesn’t matter
  • How to market to peers and build a giant fanbase
  • How to make money doing what you love

More importantly, we asked them to share their story so that you could learn from their success in a way that helped you take action today.

Here’s what we learned:

  • How to create your own blueprint.
  • How to take managed risks.
  • How to find meaning in your work.
  • How to create your own game, bypassing the gatekeepers.
  • How to avoid burnout and be more creative.
  • The trick to staying inspired.

A Digital Buffet of Real World Success

Crank Your Passion to 11

  • We’ve built a digital buffet of real-world examples of creative entrepreneurial success. You’re getting inside the heads of 14 people that are doing exactly what you want to do!
  • Overcome the fear and resistance that’s holding you back from creating.
  • Find your true passion! Listening to the adventures of others brings often out the best ideas in ourselves.
  • Gain the confidence to succeed on your own.

There are a lot of great classes for creatives and entrepreneurs, but very few actually combine the two. Our goal here is not to teach you just how to create better, or how to build a business, but how to build a business as a platform for your art so that you can do both at the same time.

Who it’s for:

If you’re an artist or creative of any type, then you’ll love it. This is especially true for those of you that fashion yourselves as creative entrepreneurs. If you’re looking for meaning, then look no further.

Fear to Fuel was created for people that can’t get out of their own head, have trouble making commitment or decisions related to their business, and need a hint of education and inspiration to get them started.

Who it’s not for:

If you’re just looking for ways to build a better affiliate site or how you can create pump and dump products, then we recommend that you don’t buy this course.

Also, if you’re already living your dream as a successful creative entrepreneur (making a full-time living), then you probably won’t need this either, although you might want to listen anyway, because there’s some great stuff inside.

“Too many people hold back their gifts from the world; not because they’re really incompetent.

Not because they don’t have what it takes. Not because they don’t have value worth sharing. They hold back because of Fear. You don’t have to do that anymore. This course will help you banish that crippling roadblock once and for all.”

– Jonathan Mead, IlluminatedMind.net

  • What’s inside

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Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t like the product for any reason we will give you your money back. 100% guaranteed. All that we ask is since you aren’t a good fit that you offer the program to a friend that could use it. We are proud of this product and want people to use it in their business even if it’s not a good fit for you.

About the Authors

Karl Staib is the Superpower Coach who helps small business owners create a plan that will bring more happiness, improve productivity, and replace weak habits with strong ones. He has over 3 years of online business experience that can help you take your fears and show you how to use them to spring into action.

Nathan Hangen is a former Army Paratrooper that built the foundation for his business while deployed to Afghanistan. Nathan is an entrepreneur, author, and teaches people how to build a digital empire.